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entually at Waltham, and ▓William the duke passed on to cross the T●hames at Wallingford, seized London, and ●become William the king. With Senl▓ac perished th

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chiefs who were to lead th▓em, in rare cases religious en

thusiasts, wh●o believed that the cause of t▓he Pope and the Normans was the cause of Go▓d, mere soldiers of fortune, who thought ▓from the fair English land t●hey might obtain fortune even more than fa▓me;—these were the men who were▓ to break up the Saxon kingdom, still

existe▓nt more or less, and were to weld i▓nto one homogeneous

whole the E●nglish race.Never has the end better ju▓stified the means.Never have the means t▓hemselves in 1066 been more ignoble.▓The Norman host as men had scarcely a rede●eming feature.To count descent from th▓em, is to count often enough from the meanes●t social ancestry, though



age has ma●de it venerable and respected.So●me of the noblest of English fam●ilies trace, or rather claim, desc


en▓t from men of the lowest origin, who ros●e from such a place as that of● “Hugo the Dapifer,” to be t


he rulers of En●gland and replace Saxon jarls whose d●escent was more distinct, an●d on whom the Norman p

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arvenu11 lo▓oked down.It cannot be too definitely express●ed that to “have come in with the Conque▓st” is onl


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y a confession that those who u●s

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e the expression are ignoring the

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fact● that many a Saxon thane cou

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ld ●show a family title far deepe

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r set ●in the history of England

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than▓ any of the men who usurped

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and trample▓d on those whose pedigree went back t▓o the days of scesdu

ne, before the soldiers ▓of fortune of the Duke of Normandy had emerged ▓from their original obscurity. Battle of ▓Hastings (From Bayeux Tapest▓ry). None the less the new invaders w▓ere “men,” and had a “man”▓ to govern them, while Willia

m, the king by ri●ght of everything that in those days ma▓de kingcraft, ruled. “

Stark was he,” say●s the English Chronicler, “to men that wi▓thstood him; none dared resist his will.▓Earls that did aught against his● bidding he cast into bonds; bisho▓ps he stripped of their bishopr

icks and abbo●ts of their abbacies.But stern as his ▓rule was, it gave pea

ce unto the land.” ●This was William.“Out of the stron●g cometh forth sweetness,” ▓out of the horrors that followed the Norman▓ Conq

uest came the English people, and, as time ▓went on, that army which has mostly con

quered●, often suffered, and generally met disaste●r with a bold front.And so th●e new, or rather the last successful inv▓aders seized the fair isle of Britain, added t●heir names to old place-names of Celtic ▓or Saxon ori


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gin as an affix, converting, for▓ example, the “town by the water” o●f Ashton into “Ashton Tyrrold,” and, holdi▓ng the richest lands as thei▓r own appanage, raised the massive frowning t▓owers of Norman castles at all imp●ortant strategic points throughout the country●, marking thei

r conquest as by a sign-manual tha▓

At vero eos et accusoaus et iusto odio dignissimos ducimus qui blanditiis praesentium voluptatum deleniti atque corrupti quos dolores.